Pick-up and Delivery

Try Out Our Pick-Up & Next Day Delivery Service with no obligation in Madison, Rankin, and Hinds counties in MS.

Please go to our Join Now! form if you’re ready to get going! Or just call 601-921-0300.

Our pick-up and delivery service is very simple.

We give you one of our garment bags and you put it out on your designated pick-up day. You will have one pick-up day each week and we will deliver the very next day. There is no extra charge for this. We simply want to earn your business.

You and I will pick out a pick-up and delivery spot. We’ll even give you a bag hook to hang over your door if you’d like one.

We’re very easy to do business with. Pick-up and deliver in the same neighborhoods every week. We ONLY do pick up and delivery. We don’t have any store fronts.

So go to our Join Now! page and try us out or just call me at 601-921-0300!

We look forward to serving you,