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Express Cleaners Offers FREE Pick-Up, FREE Next Day Delivery & a FREE Laundry Bag & Door Hook to Test His Convenient Dry Cleaning Service! They Even Replace Broken Buttons FREE!

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Hi, my name is Tony Burton.  I live in Brandon and I run Express Cleaners, a quality dry cleaner and launderer with FREE home pick-up & FREE Next Day delivery service.. We are your neighborhood door to door Dry Cleaning Butler. We serve busy families and professionals in the communities of Hinds, Rankin, and Madison counties. We also service professional offices in the area.

Most people pick a dry cleaner that is within a small radius to where they live for convenience and only change if they are not happy with the quality or service. They may be the best in your immediate area but are they the best in the entire Metro area? Additionally, just because they are the best today does not mean they will be the best in the future with dry cleaners changing ownership and having key employees leave. Don’t you deserve the best? With Express Cleaners you can consistently experience the best in “high quality” cleaning and service with delivery the very NEXT day.

I’m your neighborhood dry cleaning advocate. To insure that you get the highest quality cleaning I interview local dry cleaning plants and ask the tough questions so you don’t have to do the research and experiment with multiple dry cleaners by trial and error. I continually hold the cleaning plant owners to the highest standards so you can have the peace of mind that you are getting the best quality dry cleaning in your area.  With Express Cleaners you have consumer power because I’m their biggest customer and the plant owners do not want me to pull all of my business out and give to another competitor in town.

If something is not up to your standards just tell us and we will re-clean the item to your satisfaction. That is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to complain to us. We see complaints as an opportunity to improve our service to you.  As a client of Express Cleaners you are not alone but collectively have consumer leverage on the plant owners to insure you get the very highest quality cleaning in the area.

We have no stores, only delivery vans. I started this business to serve my neighbors by offering superior client service with unmatched quality and put some more free time back into their busy lives.  We serve professionals in select communities around the Jackson Metro area.

I save them time and money, just like I would do for you. And how do I do that?

You don’t have to run back and forth to the dry cleaning store any more–I’ll save you the time and the ever increasing cost of gas. I’m not the less expensive and I’m not the most expensive but my quality is second to none. We simply are the BEST VALUE.

You and I both know that it’s a pain in the neck to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning at the dry cleaners. Most of the time it sits in your car until you remember to drop it off. And then it sits at the dry cleaner until you remember to go pick it up (and hopefully they’re open). And if you’ve got kids–you have to get all of them out of your car and lug them in the dry cleaning store with you.

Why not let me show you the luxury (without the cost) of dry cleaning pick-up and delivery?

You’ll put out your dry cleaning on your “service day” in one of my beautiful red bags and miraculously it shows up the very “Next Day” on your doorstep clean and fresh. Or you forget to put it out, or you just got back from vacation or a business trip–you call us, we’ll pick it up and it shows up the next day. Now that’s dry cleaning nirvana, isn’t it?

No more worries over replacing laundered dress shirt buttons!

I don’t know about you, but I get really mad when a shirt comes back from the dry cleaners with a broken button. So here’s how we solve that problem: We double check all buttons before it is loaded into the delivery van to be delivered back to you. Over time they all crack and it seems they crack at the worst possible time. If we miss a broken button or if one just happens to break on you just give us a call or put in our with your cleaning and we will take care if it for you. If you are going on a trip and are carrying a limited amount of shirts be sure to quickly check the buttons at least a coupe of days in advance by doing a “stress test on them” like you would do when buttoning a shirt. Just give us a call and we will take care of it. No worries!

No start-up fee. Try with no obligation. FREE Laundry Bag & Door Hook.

So here’s how this FREE dry cleaning delivery service of mine works:

We’ll stop by and give you one of our bags. You can give our service a trial month or so and see how I do. If I do great, we’ll continue to service you. If I don’t do so good, we’ll part with no hard feelings. Simply leave the empty bag on your front door.  How does that sound? Great! Give me a call at 601-992-0668 or sign up here and we can get this time-saving and money-saving dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service going.

Stop driving yourself crazy. You don’t have to go pick up your dry cleaning any more. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have this service. You just need to average about $20 dollars or more of dry cleaning a month. And on top of all of this, we are easy going and friendly to do business with. Pick up your phone now and stop the misery. Call me at 601-992-0668 or sign up here.

Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaning Butler,

Tony Burton

Express Cleaners

P.S. Call me at 601-992-0668 or sign up here. Remember it doesn’t cost any more to have us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. Use the FREE bright red laundry bag to put your dry cleaning out and fill it up with as many clothes as you can.

P.P.S. We take privacy seriously. We do not share or sell any client information to outside third parties under any circumstances.

Servicing:  Brandon, MS 39047, 39042, 39043, Madison, MS 39110, 39130,  Flowood, MS 39232, Ridgeland, MS 39157, 39158 and Jackson, MS 39216, 39211, and other select Jackson  neighborhoods.

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We have been completely satisfied with David's Dry Cleaners. Our clothes have never looked better and the convenience of pick-up and delivery can't be beat.
— Alan and Betty Morrison

Glad I took a chance on David, service is absolutely exceptional. One day turn around and no broken buttons. Very pleased.
— Roy Robinson

David's Dry Cleaners is not only affordable and competitive, but also convenient. His service is professional and local. I would recommend this company to anyone using other drycleaners!
— Kreig