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The following prices include pick-up and next day delivery. There are no additional fees. Also, there are no “upcharges”. Upcharging is the industry practice of charging an extra fee in addition to the base price for a different type of fabric that may be a little harder to clean or press. Our base price is what you can expect, no more . Over the years dry cleaners have been very creative with attempting to justify extra fees for whatever their imagination can think up to dig deeper into your pockets. Perhaps that’s where the phrase “Getting Taken to the Cleaners” came from. We think the practice of “upcharging” is sneaky and we do not conduct business this way . We keep it simple and charge a fair price.  There are no extra “gotcha” fees at Express Cleaners. We want to earn your business long term by saving you time and all at a fair and competitive price.


Laundered Dress Shirts 2.95

Laundered Dress Shirts (folded) 3.15

Laundered Golf/Polo Shirts 5.49

Silk Shirts 5.75

Linen Shirts 5.75

Other Dry Clean Shirts 5.49


Suits – 2pc 11.50

Suits – 3 pc 12.25


Ties 3.25


Blouses 5.75

Linen Blouses 5.75

Slacks or Pants

Slacks or Pants 5.75

Linen Pants 5.75

Blue Jeans 5.75


Dresses (all lengths) 10.45


Skirts 5.57


Winter Coats 15.25 (Regular)

Winter Coats 8.25 (Small)

Sports Coats/Blazers 5.75


Sweaters 5.75


Scrub Tops 5.57

Scrub Pants 5.57

Both Top & Bottom 10.45

Lab Jackets 6.75

Press Only 

Press Only 3.47


Comforters 35.25 (All Sizes). Please note next day delivery may not be possible due to dry time if ‘air drying’ is required.

We can clean down comforters or pillows. However client assumes the risk for down items.


Blankets/Quilts 25.47 (All Sizes)

Couch Throws 15.25

Sleeping Bags:

Single 15.27

Double 19.27

Table Cloths

Table Cloths 15.75

Curtain Panels – (Standard Size)

Curtain Panels 15.75

Home Pick-up – FREE

NEXT Day Delivery – FREE

Water Resistant Laundry Bag – FREE

Door Hook (for laundry bag upon pick-up & to hang clothes upon delivery) – FREE          

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We have been completely satisfied with David's Dry Cleaners. Our clothes have never looked better and the convenience of pick-up and delivery can't be beat.
— Alan and Betty Morrison

Glad I took a chance on David, service is absolutely exceptional. One day turn around and no broken buttons. Very pleased.
— Roy Robinson

David's Dry Cleaners is not only affordable and competitive, but also convenient. His service is professional and local. I would recommend this company to anyone using other drycleaners!
— Kreig